Sasa Demarle, Inc. was established in the United States in 1993 in order to introduce the world renowned non-stick baking product lines of two French manufacturers – SASA and DEMARLE – to the North American marketplace. Bringing these industry leading products and equipment together under one roof has enabled us to successfully meet the needs of industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada, providing a single point of contact that is easy and convenient to work with. For the past 20 years we have remained committed to upholding the high core values of our French parent companies and customer service excellence. Our continued growth has led to Sasa Demarle, Inc. being recognized throughout North America as the industry leader in non-stick baking products and equipment. The rich history and extensive experience of our parent companies and partners speaks for itself.


SILPAT® is known around the world as the original non-stick baking liner. SILPAT® products never need greasing and replace the use of parchment paper. Utilizing SILPAT® products saves you time and money and also reduces waste in our environment. It is ideal for use when creating Danish pastries, baking biscuits, working with sugar and all sugary and salted preparations. SILPAT® liners are made of fiberglass and food grade silicone and are completely food safe.


FLEXIPAN® molds are available in more than 200 different shapes and a variety of sizes, both for individual cakes as well as for decorations.

SILFORM® for breads

These SILFORM® non-stick mats have been especially developed for bread and are ideal for a variety of small bread shapes including: round breads, small rounds, hot dog rolls, soft rolls, submarines, hamburger buns, sandwiches, rolls and more! The perforated texture of Silform® is designed to provide optimal heat transfer which results in the perfect crunch and color every time!